Five Signs You Should Choose Hydraulics for Your New Suspension System

Posted on: 27 February 2017

If you want adjustable suspension on your vehicle, you typically need to replace your original suspension. Whether you buy KW suspension or any other brand, the two key options are hydraulic and air suspension. There are pros and cons to both of these options, but in most cases, the right choice depends on your situation.

Here are five signs you should choose hydraulic suspension.

1. You do a lot of offroading or drive on unsurfaced roads.

Unfortunately, rocks, gravel and other road debris may damage the airbags in an air suspension system. Hydraulic systems have sturdier parts that can withstand these risks. If you tend to drive on gravel roads, you may want to opt for hydraulic suspension.

2. You want firm support on the road.

Hydraulic suspension tends to be firmer on the road. Essentially, it gives you a steadier feeling while driving. In contrast, air suspension systems are often thought to feel a bit more wobbly or like driving on a cloud, and they simply don't grip the road as well. In many cases, air suspension also doesn't perform as well for cornering.

3. You don't need to haul things.

When choosing air suspension or hydraulic suspension for your vehicle, you have to pay attention to the weight rating of each option, and make sure you get a rating that is going to work for your car. Most online suspension dealers allow you to search for KW suspension and other brands by the make and model of your car. As a result, the weight ratings are built into the search.

However, you may want to do some independent research on weight ratings, and if the weight rating is borderline on one type of suspension, you may want to opt for the other type. In addition, if you do any hauling with your vehicle, you may want to opt for air suspension. It generally adds to the towing capacity of your vehicle. However, if you don't ever tow anything, you may prefer hydraulic suspension.

4. You want a fast reaction.

In general, hydraulic suspension responds more quickly than air suspension. If you want your car to go up and down quickly, you may want to choose hydraulics.

5. You want a smaller profile.

In most cases, the air compressor that is required for air suspension takes up more room than hydraulic suspension. If you want to optimise space, that is another sign that you may want to choose hydraulics as well.