3 Things You Must Know About Turbo Charged Engines

Posted on: 6 August 2017

No one enjoys being average. It's good to stand out from the rest and be counted among those who have something extraordinary. This is why you should always choose a turbo charged engine over an ordinary, naturally aspirated engine. Your car will be a two-in-one beast that can combine luxurious, calm performance and roaring sporty performance when need be. Sadly, many people do not have a true picture of what turbo charged engines entail. Here are three things you must know when buying a turbo charged car:

Turbo Kits Don't Kill Your Engine

Don't listen to those who tell you that a turbo charge kit damages the engine as the years go by. This is not true. Essentially, there are some fundamentals you must understand about car engines. They must be designed properly from the onset. Anything installed without proper balancing of the input and output requirements of the engine will certainly reduce its life expectancy. When a manufacturer installs a turbo accessory on an engine, they test it thoroughly to ensure that it does not strain the engine. A properly fitted turbo kit delivering measured Pascal pressure units to the engine doesn't strain it even when the car is raving hard on the road. It is similar to the engine idling in a traffic jam because the turbo kit does not force it to surpass its power limitations.

Turbo Charged Engines Don't Need to Work Extra Time

In the old days, when engine cooling systems were archaic and couldn't be relied upon, some car manufacturers recommended a funny way of cooling things down. You had to let the car idle for a while before turning it off, especially after a long journey. Today, however, advanced technology in turbo kit manufacturing relies on coolants and complex radiators so that your engine doesn't have to work harder to cool. Turbo charged engines come with efficient intercooler systems installed near the base of the front bumper where they can maximise air flow and cooling effects. This allows you to turn the engine off 

Turbo Maximises Power-to-Weight Ratio

Turbo charged engines have many benefits that you don't know of. The market has small displacement turbo engines with two to four cylinders. Basically, turbo kits help small 1.3 and 1.5 litre engines to maximise their power-to-weight ratio outputs while keeping consumption reasonable and pocket-friendly. To add on that, turbo kits are an excellent way of getting the most out of such small engines with minimal emissions.

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